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A timely reminder

A project can be completed on time, or in good time, or as scheduled. But the nuances of “timely” aren’t always quite the same.


Only use this to mean someone’s acquired skill and knowledge in English, not as a term for a valuation or checkup or other professional opinion.

Some supporting figures

People regularly tell me that they keep hearing natives use the words and phrases I say should be avoided. Which we do; the question is how often. Here are some figures to help back it up.

Indonesian borrowings

Most words that Dutch and English have borrowed from other European languages overlap, such as Italian musical terms. That doesn’t apply to borrowings from the respective former colonial areas, though.

Cause and effect

“Causing something to take place” isn’t incorrect. But 99 times out of 100, the native speaker would say it was “made to happen”.

Spoken dates

Although we generally say something like “the fifth of November” or “April the seventeenth” (or variants depending on US/UK etc.), it’s not normal to write it out that way.


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