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“Euro” as a prefix

Eurocrat, Eurotrash, Eurospeak… prefixing something with “Euro” in English is often intended as a negative connotation. Unlike on the Continent.

Paying attention

An ‘attentie’ in Dutch is a small gift, just a little something to show appreciation. The English word ‘attention’ doesn’t have that meaning.

Don’t mention it

When someone mentions something, it’s a minor sideline, a small point. “Oh, by the way…” Not a general verb for a statement in a report or document.

Chapter and verse

A document really has to be pretty large before you can call its subdivisions “chapters”. We’re talking a small book, not a ten-pager.

A programme of programs

In British English, the spelling “program” is normally used nowadays for IT but “programme” is still the norm for other contexts.

A telling point

The verb “to tell” is quite widely used and versatile in English, but comparatively rarely used by non-natives.


A perfectly good word, but hugely less common than its Dutch equivalent. So Dutch authors overuse it horrendously.


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