In a post to a translators’ Facebook group, I mentioned I’d gathered some statistics on Dunglish. Just for internal use.

Although I’d only intended it as a pointer to my freelancing translator colleagues that it might possibly be worth them having their English looked at more often by the natives, it generated a fair amount of discussion. And interest in the detailed content, for instance as a blog or e-book. (Or a freebie list, but I felt that was going a bit far, given that it’s useful commercial or professional info!)

More about the blog itself.

Who am I? I’m Mike Wilkinson, a Brit who has been resident in the Netherlands for over thirty years. For over twenty of those, I’ve been a professional translator and editor with my own small agency. Here’s more about me and my company in Dutch or in English.

Jack of all trades, master of none: a background as a Cambridge science student, specializing in chemistry and biochemistry, followed by work in computer graphics, meteorology, quantum mechanics, programming and IT consultancy – not to mention sidelines as a blues and rock musician – before discovering that these other expertises also helped me settle down as a linguist.

And though it’s less unusual in these days of easy publishing, there’s also additional proof I can write a bit: I also write novels under a pseudonym.

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